International orders

We are happy to pronounce, that we ship to 27 countries in the EU. A few examples of the countries we ship to are Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Finland and Belgium.

If you have any questions about your order please contact our customer service. You can contact us by calling + 45 97 42 36 77 or by writing an e-mail to We will gladly help you.

When shipping orders to foreign countries the standard freight charge is 750 danish kroner. However we make certain reservations about the freight charges when shipping furniture, because the shipping of these can be more expensive. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the expected freight charges of your order.

When you have placed your order we will contact you and let you know, what the delivery time is.

The 27 countries are...

Austria (choose Østrig)
Belgium (choose Belgien)
Bulgaria (choose Bulgarien)
Cyprus (choose Cypern)
Denmark (choose Danmark)
Estonia (choose Estland)
Finland (choose Finland)
France (choose Frankrig)
Germany (choose Tyskland)
Greece (choose Grækenland)
Holland (choose Holland)
Hungary (choose Ungarn
Ireland (choose Irland)
Italy (choose Italien)
Lithuania (choose Litauen)
Latvia (choose Letland)
Luxembourg (choose Luxemborg)
Malta (choose Malta)
Poland (choose Polen)
Portugal (choose Portugal)
Romania (choose Rumænien)
Slovakia (choose Slovakiet)
Slovenia (choose Slovenien)
Spain (choose Spanien)
Sweden (choose Sverige)
The Czech Republic (choose Tjekkiet)

Since our webshop is in danish, the countries are also presented in danish. Above, we have written the english term and the danish term for your country together, so that you can find your country in the check out.

If you're having problems, please don't hesitate to contact us at or + 45 97 42 36 77.